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Top Hydration Apps

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Are you looking at how to always remain healthy and fit? Well, one great way is to drink water. Both adults and newborn higher percentage of their body weights are made up of water.
Water is vital in the human body as it helps in carrying key nutrients to every part of the body as well as regulating body temperatures and waste removal. Whether you like drinking bottled or filtered clean water, water plays a vital role in ensuring your body remain at its best. Hydration apps are recent but have conquered the hearts of many! Very easy to use and available on any iPhone or Android, or even tablets, it has become as easier as playing online casinos. Some of these offer really great games such as https://onlinecasinoreviewscanada.com/

Below are top hydration apps to help you always stay hydrated.

• Daily Water
The daily water app will help you track the amount of water you’re drinking every day. You can set your water intake goals daily in terms of milliliters as well as ounces. The app will allow you to set up reminders so as not to miss drinking water at the specified time of the day. This hydration app also provides daily, weekly or monthly statistics of the volume of the water you’ve consumed.

• Water Drink Reminder
When you’re well hydrated, it contributes to a certain extent of weight loss. This helps to feel full and keep off from visiting snacks vendor frequently. This hydration app recommends setting a certain intake depending on how much you weigh. It has a feature to track the average of water you consume on weekly basis as well as your weight. Thus, you don’t have to keep on memorizing every time you take water. It allows you to set your preferred schedule in order to avoid being behind any glass you were supposed to take.

• Hydro Diary
This is another app you should give a try if you want to have easy water drinking tracking. It eases scheduling custom-drink sizes and types. The app will offer you its uniquely designed formula to set your preferred daily water intake as well as setting up your own achievable goals. The app has a great feature to track your remaining water as well as reminding you to take some water when the level goes down. With this app, weekly as well as monthly stats are a swipe-away. You could also smash your stats with CashSplash, slot machine. You can check this lit of the best online casinos in Canada for more details.

• Waterlogged
When you use this app to track your water consumption, it’ll be hard to forget drinking enough amount of water. With it, you can set scheduled or random reminders in order to remind you to drink something at the same time tracking how you’re accomplishing your drinking goals. It also allows you to customize it depending on the glass size and type or the water bottle you’ve.
You’ll have to take the glass or water bottle you’re using the picture and record its capacity of water. When you drink your water next time, you’ll find it listed and tap to keep a record.

• Hydro Coach
You can sync hydro coach using your Google Fit, Fitbit, Android wear as well as build your hydration schedules in your workout program. The app allows you to choose from over 80-glasses, customize volumes, name drinks and use the diary to track everything. Also, you can create your special goals to achieve during huge workouts and hot days.

The discussed above are the top hydration apps that will help you track your water consumption. With these apps, you’ll never miss taking water at any given time since they are equipped with special features to remind you of the specific time you’ve scheduled to drink water. You’ll always remain hydrated thus gaining a healthy body. You will also be surprised to know that the software behind these hydration apps is the exact same used in the online casinos! For more info visit casinoscamdetector.com.

Discover the Quality of Your Drinking Water

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Always watch out for the water quality!

Many people drink out of their kitchen tap every day and never stop to consider the quality of their water. Most people assume as long as it’s clear and has no odor that’s it pure and safe for them and their families to drink. However, there may be hidden dangers in your tap water and the best way to protect yourself and your family is to remain aware of the quality of your city’s water, even when there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Obtaining Water Purity Reports

Most states send out water purity reports annually, but if you’re concerned about the purity of your water month by month, you can request a report from your local water utility more frequently. While most states don’t charge for extra reports, the rules vary from city to city, so it’s always a good idea to ask about any charges the city may add to your bill. Last thing you want is to ask for a payday loan! You can also find out information about your drinking water online. The National Drinking Water Database is a free service that allows you to search for water quality reports in your area. There are charts that project which contaminants have been detected and whether the levels of the chemicals that are found are deemed safe by federal and local officials.

Get Involved

If you’re concerned about the quality of your city’s drinking water, then you can get involved by attending city council meetings, where local city officials allow citizens to speak their minds and ask questions. You can bring water quality reports to their attention and be sure to do your research before you speak at a city council meeting. Be sure to have a short list of questions prepared as well. Your voice and advocacy counts when it comes to having quality drinking water, so never be afraid to get involved.

Portlanders Reject Fluoridation

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Residents of Portland voted to reject adding fluoride to its city drinking water. The measure, which passed with overwhelming support, makes the city the largest in the country without a fluoridation plan, or plans to implement one.

The election brought out proponents from both side. Those in favor of the measure argued that adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water would help to prevent tooth decay, a position that is largely supported by scientists. Scientists have concluded it poses no health risk and does not affect the taste of the water in any way.


However, opponents of the measure came out in full support to vote down the bill, to stop worrying about their Credit report. Their argument basically consisted of scaring voters into believing fluoride would poison anyone who consumes it. They also claimed the dental benefits were minimal, so it was not worth adding chemicals to the water. The tactics worked, however, as the measure was voted down by 60 percent of the vote, a landslide victory in today’s political age.

In the past, voters have taken up the same question on multiple occasions. In each instance, voters have chosen to prevent the fluoridation of water. The Portland City Council briefly voted to add the mineral to the city’s drinking water, but residents gathered enough signatures before the decision could go into effect. Although nearly all health organizations believe fluoride provides great benefit to residents, the issue still remains highly contentious in certain areas of the country, and the question is likely to pop up again on future ballots.

Fog Catchers Bring Hope to Desert Communities

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Water in the desert is far from common, and it is not surprising that we even have a saying “as rare as water in the desert.” Still, with modern technology, we are not that helpless anymore. For over a decade now, the fog catchers have been used to collect water from vapours found in the deserts. Just because it is invisible, doesn’t mean it isn’t there – water collected from the atmosphere is a precious source for the local population and the plants as well.

FogQuest9s-600x450How does this work? The fog catchers are essentially vertical panels of polyethylene mesh. They collect water from fog and channel it to storage tanks. This simple and yet innovative technology can ensure a higher quality of life in many communities located in desert areas. In some of these areas, the fog catchers can collect as much as 600 gallons of water in one day! It is a dramatic difference, and one that frees poor people from outrageously high water prices.

Still, installing the panels into dry regions all over the world takes time, dedication and funding. One such initiative was started in year 2000 by a small Canadian non-profit organisation called FogQuest. As a charity that helps small rural communities in developing countries, they have so far established projects in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Chile, Eritrea and Morocco.

In recent years, Fog Catchers are becoming more and more common, bringing hope and making life in desert areas less difficult. We hope that this initiative will flourish even more with time, improving the quality of human life, improving the irrigation for the flora and ensuring that future won’t bring a complete lack of water reserve in some places.

At the end, we would also like to mention that fog catchers aren’t the only technology used for collecting water from the atmosphere. Atmospheric water generators are another approach which uses technology to collect water from the air.

LifeStraw Portable Water Filtration System

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lifestraw1Improving access to clean drinking water has been a goal of global development groups and charities for decades. Yet today, roughly forty percent of the world’s population still lacks access to clean water, and more people have a cell phone to play video poker on than they have a toilet. This causes a high incidence of disease and mortality, especially in children.

Over the years, many different solutions to the clean water crisis have been proposed. Some were too expensive, some too impractical, and some simply too difficult to put into place logistically in areas with little to no existing infrastructure.

Enter the LifeStraw. This simple-looking little device is cheap, user-friendly, and long-lasting. It can remove 99 percent of bacteria and parasites, as well as chunks of dirt and debris down to 0.2 microns. The straw uses a series of chemical-free filters to achieve this effect, which will last through 1000 liters of water. All you have to do is put the straw in water and drink.
LifeStraw helps address problems that most water treatment systems fail to solve. For example, helping a village build a well provided clean water source, but when villagers transport that clean water in dirty jugs, they once again become exposed to disease risks. Because the LifeStraw can be used to drink clean water directly from a dirty source, it eliminates the problem of finding clean transport vessels. Also, unlike a well or a piped water system, LifeStraw enables people to carry the ability to get clean water with them wherever they go. This is very important given the unfortunate abundance of refugee situations in the world today.

If you’re interested in charitable giving to support the world’s quest for clean water, consider LifeStraw.

Water: A resource at the core of sustainable development

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Water has always been an important part of the global policy agenda, owing to its necessity as survival tool. The growing trend towards rapid urbanisation that has occurred over the last few decades, however, has led to water increasingly becoming a resource which is at the core of sustainable development thinking.rio +20

On October 31, 2011, the Population Division of the United Nations declared that the world is now inhabited by over 7 billion people. Of these 7 billion, over half live in cities, with this figure expected to increase to more than 70% by 2050. The rapid growth of city population size, and density, is putting much undue stress on water resources, resulting in the United Nations emphasising the need to rethink city development, not as an objective in itself, but instead as a means of delivering a sustainable resource management solution.

At the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, held in June 2012, the UN concluded that, “We stress the need to adopt measures to significantly reduce water pollution and increase water quality, significantly improve wastewater treatment and water efficiency and reduce water losses. In order to achieve this, we stress the need for international assistance and cooperation.”

With water resource management firmly fixed on the international agenda, technological innovations are likely to be at the forefront of solving the water shortage problem. Smart meters, for example, which are to be piloted in Malta, allow for the optimisation of water and electricity consumption through loss reduction, remote management and real time consumption analysis.

The future of effective sustainable development may be unclear, but, one thing is for certain, water is finally being recognised as one of the resources at its very core.

Empty water bottles: The solution to lighting the homes of the poor?

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Launched in mid 2011, the Liter of Light Project, developed by the My Shelter Foundation, a Philippines-based NGO, is a pioneer in the global fight against poverty, as well as providing an environmentally friendly solution to the problem of how to most effectively recycle plastic bottles.

solarbottlThe Solar Bottle Bulb, originally developed by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), provides a cost effective solution to the lighting problem that affects some 12 million Philippine families that either live without electricity or live in fear of having their electricity cut off.

My Shelter Foundation Founder, and social entrepreneur, Ilac Diaz’s programme uses old plastic water bottles, filled with chlorine and water, and places them in custom made holes in the roofs of corrugated iron shanty town buildings. The solution refracts the sunlight and the equivalent luminosity of a 55 Watt bulb is delivered to the room below. While the scheme may not be perfect, as the bulbs do not work during the evening due to a lack of sunlight, the bulbs produce much needed light during the day; something which is having a transformational impact on the lives of the Philippines’ poorest families, many of whose homes lack even windows.

In a country where 40% of the population live off $2 per day, Solar Bottle Bulbs provide a cost-effective solution for creating light, with production only costing $1 per bulb. The programme itself, while having beneficial environmental implications, has also spawned a burgeoning micro-business in some of the Philippines’ poorest communities.

The benefits of drinking bottled water

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waterSince our bodies are made up mostly of water, it comes as no surprise that they are reliant on fluids. This is why it is vital that we have an adequate intake of water each day, not only to promote good health but also to avoid problems such as dehydration, which can then lead to a multitude of issues.

While water is freely available from your tap, a rising number of people these days get their water intake through drinking bottled water. In fact, bottled water has become so popular that it has become a multi-billion dollar industry! There are many reasons why people prefer to drink bottled water compared to tap water, despite the cost implication. Some of these benefits include:

  • Taste: Water straight from the tap can sometimes have an odd taste, such as a metallic taste, which can be due to factors such as chemical treatments. When you drink bottled water, you should find that the taste is much better and far more palatable
  • Safety: When you drink pure bottled water, you have the peace of mind that you are not drinking water that is at risk of being contaminated – something that is particularly important if you are visiting certain countries abroad.
  • Convenience: Bottled water is very convenient, as you can carry it with you wherever you go without the need to look for taps and cups whenever you want a drink. Who doesn’t look for convenience in its every day routine? For instance, isn’t more convenient to play online casinos thanks to sites such as casinohub.club/ than going to an actual land-based casino?
  • Emergencies: If you buy bottled water you will not have to worry as much if there is a problem with your water supply for whatever reason, as you will still have water available to drink.

What are Water Chilling Systems?

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Water chilling system, also known as water cooling system, is a method of heat removal from industrial equipment and components. This method is commonly used in large industrial facilities, such as hydroelectric generators, steam electric power plants, chemical plants, and petroleum refineries.

In addition to these, the method is also used to cool barrels of machine guns and lubricant oils. The convective heat transfer mechanism is applied to transfer the heat, as water is used as a conductor.

Most big industries use water cooling over air cooling due to the numerous benefits it has. It is not only inexpensive, but is also non toxic. Water is naturally capable to transfer heat over greater distances with reduced temperature difference. It has high density, thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity. All these qualities combined give water cooling an edge over air cooling.

However, on the down side, water causes biological growth and corrosion of metal parts. Additionally, dissolved minerals in water are concentrated and leave scales after the water is evaporated.

Water chilling system has been criticized on several occasions due to its vast impact on environment. Many people are concerned about the heavy amounts of water evaporated due to the process. Water, being a necessity and habitant for aquatic animals, must be taken care of. Scientists are trying to figure out ways to make water more useable and minimize the impurities that are added in water through soil and air. These impurities, especially solids, are the main cause of scale building.

Water Chilling Systems

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American Chillers provides contractors, OEM’s, and end users with cost effective water chiller systems for industrial and commercial process cooling applications. Manufacturing water chillers for various medical, industrial, and commercial applications means each water chiller system is built to order to fit your design specifications. Our water chillers are available in vertical, horizontal, and split configurations.  Many options are also available including dual lead-lag pumps, redundancy, castors for portability, stainless steel evaporators and pumps, and remote control panels.

American Chillers is also a full service manufacturer-distributor for durable, light weight FRP Cooling Towers from 5-1500 tons capacity. With warehouses located in CA and GA, our cooling towers are readily available and will ship from stock. Cooling Tower Systems consist of water pumps, reservoirs, and control panels.

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