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Discover the Quality of Your Drinking Water

March 24th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Discover the Quality of Your Drinking Water)

Always watch out for the water quality!

Many people drink out of their kitchen tap every day and never stop to consider the quality of their water. Most people assume as long as it’s clear and has no odor that’s it pure and safe for them and their families to drink. However, there may be hidden dangers in your tap water and the best way to protect yourself and your family is to remain aware of the quality of your city’s water, even when there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Obtaining Water Purity Reports

Most states send out water purity reports annually, but if you’re concerned about the purity of your water month by month, you can request a report from your local water utility more frequently. While most states don’t charge for extra reports, the rules vary from city to city, so it’s always a good idea to ask about any charges the city may add to your bill. Last thing you want is to ask for a payday loan! You can also find out information about your drinking water online. The National Drinking Water Database is a free service that allows you to search for water quality reports in your area. There are charts that project which contaminants have been detected and whether the levels of the chemicals that are found are deemed safe by federal and local officials.

Get Involved

If you’re concerned about the quality of your city’s drinking water, then you can get involved by attending city council meetings, where local city officials allow citizens to speak their minds and ask questions. You can bring water quality reports to their attention and be sure to do your research before you speak at a city council meeting. Be sure to have a short list of questions prepared as well. Your voice and advocacy counts when it comes to having quality drinking water, so never be afraid to get involved.

Portlanders Reject Fluoridation

June 17th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Portlanders Reject Fluoridation)

Residents of Portland voted to reject adding fluoride to its city drinking water. The measure, which passed with overwhelming support, makes the city the largest in the country without a fluoridation plan, or plans to implement one.

The election brought out proponents from both side. Those in favor of the measure argued that adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water would help to prevent tooth decay, a position that is largely supported by scientists. Scientists have concluded it poses no health risk and does not affect the taste of the water in any way.


However, opponents of the measure came out in full support to vote down the bill, to stop worrying about their Credit report. Their argument basically consisted of scaring voters into believing fluoride would poison anyone who consumes it. They also claimed the dental benefits were minimal, so it was not worth adding chemicals to the water. The tactics worked, however, as the measure was voted down by 60 percent of the vote, a landslide victory in today’s political age.

In the past, voters have taken up the same question on multiple occasions. In each instance, voters have chosen to prevent the fluoridation of water. The Portland City Council briefly voted to add the mineral to the city’s drinking water, but residents gathered enough signatures before the decision could go into effect. Although nearly all health organizations believe fluoride provides great benefit to residents, the issue still remains highly contentious in certain areas of the country, and the question is likely to pop up again on future ballots.

Fog Catchers Bring Hope to Desert Communities

May 13th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Fog Catchers Bring Hope to Desert Communities)

Water in the desert is far from common, and it is not surprising that we even have a saying “as rare as water in the desert.” Still, with modern technology, we are not that helpless anymore. For over a decade now, the fog catchers have been used to collect water from vapours found in the deserts. Just because it is invisible, doesn’t mean it isn’t there – water collected from the atmosphere is a precious source for the local population and the plants as well.

FogQuest9s-600x450How does this work? The fog catchers are essentially vertical panels of polyethylene mesh. They collect water from fog and channel it to storage tanks. This simple and yet innovative technology can ensure a higher quality of life in many communities located in desert areas. In some of these areas, the fog catchers can collect as much as 600 gallons of water in one day! It is a dramatic difference, and one that frees poor people from outrageously high water prices.

Still, installing the panels into dry regions all over the world takes time, dedication and funding. One such initiative was started in year 2000 by a small Canadian non-profit organisation called FogQuest. As a charity that helps small rural communities in developing countries, they have so far established projects in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Chile, Eritrea and Morocco.

In recent years, Fog Catchers are becoming more and more common, bringing hope and making life in desert areas less difficult. We hope that this initiative will flourish even more with time, improving the quality of human life, improving the irrigation for the flora and ensuring that future won’t bring a complete lack of water reserve in some places.

At the end, we would also like to mention that fog catchers aren’t the only technology used for collecting water from the atmosphere. Atmospheric water generators are another approach which uses technology to collect water from the air.