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Water Chilling Systems

October 27th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Water Chilling Systems)

American Chillers provides contractors, OEM’s, and end users with cost effective water chiller systems for industrial and commercial process cooling applications. Manufacturing water chillers for various medical, industrial, and commercial applications means each water chiller system is built to order to fit your design specifications. Our water chillers are available in vertical, horizontal, and split configurations.  Many options are also available including dual lead-lag pumps, redundancy, castors for portability, stainless steel evaporators and pumps, and remote control panels.

American Chillers is also a full service manufacturer-distributor for durable, light weight FRP Cooling Towers from 5-1500 tons capacity. With warehouses located in CA and GA, our cooling towers are readily available and will ship from stock. Cooling Tower Systems consist of water pumps, reservoirs, and control panels.

We welcome your cooling challenge and will help you to determine system loads and project requirements, then assist you in sizing the proper chiller, cooling tower or tank pump module for the job.Visit a historical position or one from the wonders around the globe and have a getaway you’ll never forget. Browse the top places you can travel to on the web and plan excursions.